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Kubota Garden Tractors Manuals

When buying a Kubota garden tractor, it is most likely, assuming that it is a new Kubota garden tractor, you will be given a manual for it, either in hard copy and/or advised to download an electronic copy normally as a PDF document from your local Kubota website.

If you are buying a used or second-hand Kubota garden tractor it may or may not come with the original manual that was given to the owner when it was originally purchased.

In this event you are more likely to try and track down a copy of the manual and there are a number of ways of doing this.

The easiest and most effective way of obtaining a manual for a Kubota garden tractor is to go online and look at a number of websites that offer this facility.

Many of these websites offer a manual for a Kubota garden tractor for free, although this may break copyright, and you need to be aware of the legality of this when downloading one from any of these websites.

A manual for a Kubota garden tractor will often come in more than one section or as more than one manual.

That is likely to be an operator’s manual for a Kubota garden tractor, there is likely to be a parts manual for a Kubota garden tractor, and there is quite likely to be a servicing or maintenance manual for a Kubota garden tractor.

It is possible that these three manuals can be combined as one manual for a Kubota garden tractor, but that should be fairly obvious from an inspection of the manual the Kubota garden tractor itself.


Kubota Garden Tractor – Manuals

For many people the most important part of a manual for a Kubota garden tractor relates to the servicing and maintenance areas as well as a discussion or an inventory of the parts used or needed for the specific type of Kubota garden tractor being referred to.

However, whether buying a new or a used Kubota garden tractor, the owners or operators manual contains a number of important areas that should be looked at and read prior to using or letting anyone else use the Kubota garden tractor.

They will be much in the manual of the Kubota garden tractor that refers to safety, both in terms of how to operate Kubota garden tractor, safety factors relating to the Kubota garden tractor itself, and a number of suggestions or pieces of advice concerning the environment in which the Kubota tractor is to be used.

The usage of the Kubota garden tractor refers both to the actual land that it is to be used on, as well as general pieces of advice concerning the care and responsibility of people who may be in the vicinity where the Kubota garden tractor is to be used.

Whilst some of this advice may seem commonsense, it is important to realise that a Kubota garden tractor is an industrial machine, and should be treated as such in respect of recognition of safety protocols, as well as an understanding of the inherent dangers and risks.

Both to the Kubota garden tractor, the operator of the Kubota garden tractor and any children, animals, bystanders or other people who may be in the area where the Kubota garden tractor is to be used.

Kubota Garden Tractor – Agricultural

Kubota Garden Tractor – safety

There are a relatively small but highly important number of safety considerations to be taken into account both in buying and when using a Kubota garden tractor.

Some of these may seem quite obvious, but it is really important to recognise that a Kubota garden tractor is first and foremost a tractor, an industrial/agricultural machine that comes with associated risks, even if it is being used for domestic residential purposes.

A number of Kubota garden tractors will be used not only for residential purposes, but also on smallholdings, small farms etc, and the safety issues are paramount.

There are a number of safety issues to consider in relation to a Kubota garden tractor.

The most common cause of tractor accidents generally, tend to be when the tractor overturns.

This is normally done because the operator of the tractor is too close to an incline or a ledge, or the edge of a piece of land and loses balance of the machines.

There is a key safety issue here in terms of never using a Kubota garden tractor too close to any land that has an angle to it.

Kubota will advise in most of their manuals that the Kubota garden tractor should never be used in reverse.

Kubota Garden Tractor –  Risks

This is good advice and should be adhered to, As well as an acute awareness of the dangers of using a Kubota garden tractor on any piece of land that is not flat, or that has any type of incline on it that could upset the balance of the Kubota garden tractor and cause it to overturn.

By far the most important safety consideration for any type of garden tractor is that it has an ROPS fitted. Most modern Kubota tractors, including Kubota garden tractors have an ROPS fitted, and there should always be a seatbelt as part of the operators which should always be used.

If for any reason Kubota garden tractor does not have either an ROPS or a seatbelt fitted, then you should have both of these fitted independently.

Correct usage of both these safety features are by far the most important and preventative safety measure for your Kubota garden tractor, in the event of a turnover, and as a general safety precautions.

Other safety advice for a Kubota garden tractor will often refer to being aware of the state of the land that the Kubota garden tractor is being used on.

Remember that the Kubota garden tractor has a cutting blade and is likely to throw up any objects such as stones or general clutter left lying on the land. This can damage the Kubota garden tractor itself, and could cause serious injury or damage anyone near the machine.

It is a good idea, if possible to clear the land of any type of implement or obstruction that could cause damage to the tractor. When using a Kubota garden tractor, make sure that any young children or adolescents or pets are not in the vicinity where the Kubota garden tractor is to be used.

There is a natural curiosity in children and adolescents about the use of tractors, and whilst this can be an attractive thing, it should be realised there are important safety concerns that need to be allowed for.

The manual for the Kubota garden tractor, will carry a large amount of safety advice concerning these areas, as well as general advice on how to use the Kubota garden tractor in a safe and effective manner.

This advice can refer to general day-to-day usage of the Kubota garden tractor, as well as referring to maintenance and servicing schedules for the Kubota garden tractor which will keep it functioning to its optimum capability, thus ensuring a high degree of mechanical safety when in use.


Kubota Garden Tractor Dealers

Kubota Garden / Lawn Tractor  Dealers

When considering buying a Kubota garden tractor perhaps the first and most important question you have to ask, is where to buy the Kubota tractor from.

This applies to whatever model or type of Kubota Garden tractor you are considering buying, and whether you are considering buying a new or a used Kubota garden tractor.

For many people this will be a natural first port of call to go to a Kubota dealership.

There are however other options.

Some people will consider buying a Kubota garden tractor from a friend or through a local ad.

Some people will buy a Kubota garden tractor online, either through a site like eBay, or from one of the other websites that offer used tractors at discount prices.

Kubota Garden Tractor – Warranty

There are obvious dangers in buying a Kubota garden tractor from anyone or any place other than a registered Kubota dealership.

Aside from the advantages of a Kubota dealer, the downside of not buying from a Kubota dealer is an inherent risk of not knowing what state the Kubota garden tractor is in, what type of usage it has had, and whether there are any potential problems, mechanically or otherwise.

There is often no way of knowing if the Kubota garden tractor has been regularly serviced and looked after well or not.

Perhaps the main advantage of buying from a Kubota deal is some degree of certainty about these issues. This should apply whether you are considering buying a new or a used Kubota garden tractor, as the dealer should have such information available.

A Kubota dealer or have their reputation to consider, and should be in a position to advise you about the state and condition of any used Kubota garden tractor you are thinking of buying.

Kubota garden tractor – New or Used

The other advantage of buying a Kubota garden tractor from a dealer, is that you should be able to negotiate not only on the price of the Kubota garden tractor, but also on such items as servicing and maintenance.

The Kubota dealer will offer you a warranty of some type, and you may be able to negotiate a better deal on that.

It is important to think of practicalities such as how you will get Kubota garden tractor back to the dealer in the event of a mechanical problem, or if and when it needs to be serviced.

Whilst the Kubota garden tractor can theoretically be driven on a public highway if such local laws allow, it will be of extremely limited usage. It is most likely you would have to use a low loader or a truck of some sort to get it back to the dealership.

Negotiating things such as this when you buy a Kubota garden tractor are important, as it is the one time when you have any leverage with the dealership.


Kubota Tractor Safety

​Whilst there are a significant number of Kubota tractors available to buy, ranging in size and hp significantly, there are a number of very sound principles concerning the safety of a Kubota tractor that apply equally to whichever make and model you might buy.

The most important thing is to understand and know your Kubota tractor inside out before you actually start using it. This applies to the internal workings, the control panel, the instrument panel and any safety tips or advice that are detailed in the owner’s manual.

The owners manual of the Kubota tractor that you buy should be looked at carefully prior to using the Kubota tractor at all. Many people might consider this unnecessary, there seems to be a natural aversion at times to looking at instruction manuals for machinery.

However knowing, how your Kubota tractor works and how to control it is a hugely important safety issue.

Aside from the knowledge, it will give you a felt sense and a confidence as to how best to drive and use your Kubota tractor in all conditions. It will give you a sense of how to stop your Kubota tractor safely if you need to, without worrying about which control does what and where it is situated on your Kubota tractor.

It is commonly excepted that there are three main types of hazard and incident that affect all types of tractors, and therefore relevant to the safety of your Kubota tractor. The first is known as a turnover. This is where your Kubota tractor tips on its side, which can happen for a number of reasons.

The most common one is where the Kubota tractor is used to close to the edge or the verge of a piece of land and becomes unstable and turns over. This can cause serious, potentially fatal damage to the operator of the Kubota tractor.

By far the best solution to this is careful driving and not driving too close to the edge of a precipice of any piece of land where the Kubota tractor could become unstable. The best piece of safety advice for a Kubota tractor is to have what is known as a Roll Over Protective System (ROPS) on your tractor, along with a seatbelt, which should be worn at all times.

Most modern Kubota tractors will come with an ROPS fitted as standard, as well as a seatbelt. If one is not fitted, they can normally be fitted at minimal cost. This often applies to older tractors.

The second common type of hazard is what is known as a runover. This is where the operator of the tractor inadvertently runs over or hits a person or an animal, because they have not seen them.

When driving or using a Kubota tractor it is crucially important to secure the environment and make sure it is safe and free from any other people or animals that could be damaged.

It is also important as far as possible, to clear away any debris over the land where the Kubota tractor is to be used. Such debris or objects could damage the workings of the Kubota tractor, and could also be inadvertently thrown up at great speed towards any person or animal in the area.

The other potential hazard is where the driver or operator of the Kubota tractor stepped off the machine without having turned the engine off properly or secured it in its proper parking mode.

The obvious danger is that the tractor will run off on its own, potentially causing significant damage to the operator/driver of the Kubota tractor, anyone in the vicinity or any building or infrastructure that happens to be nearby.

The operator manual for your Kubota tractor will give specific advice as to how best to secure it in its parking mode and from a safety point of view this should be followed at all times.



Most people when considering buying a Kubota tractor or other type of Kubota product such as a Kubota rtv, will automatically consider going to a Kubota dealer as a first port of call. This is a natural assumption and on the whole makes most sense.

There will be other people who will consider buying a Kubota tractor or other Kubota product second-hand or used, either online from a site such as eBay or from a local ad or a local contact.

Even if someone buys a Kubota tractor second-hand, they at some point will public need to contact a Kubota dealership in order to either have the Kubota tractor serviced and maintained, or to have the Kubota tractor checked over to begin with.

In any event, Kubota have a wide range of dealerships or dealers. It may be possible to buy a Kubota tractor from another dealer, but care should be taken as they may not have full access to the Kubota range of parts and maintenance warranty factors.

A Kubota dealer should have quite a lot of flexibility concerning finance, warranty, maintenance and servicing of a Kubota tractor. They should also be fairly knowledgeable about the capabilities of a Kubota tractor, both past and present, as well as being able to give you a fair degree of advice concerning the type or best type of Kubota tractor available to you.

It is worth considering approaching a Kubota dealer in the same way that you would approach a car dealership if you’re buying a new or used auto. Many Kubota dealers will sell both new and used Kubota tractors, although there will be different terms and conditions and warranties available depending on whether it is new or used.

It is important to recognise that you can negotiate firmly with a Kubota dealer. They will have margins like every other business, and they will want a sale. Price is one factor concerning Kubota tractor but there are other important considerations. One of them concerns servicing and maintenance and warranty factors.

It is likely to be a term and condition of your warranty that the Kubota tractor is maintained and serviced regularly in accordance with the owners manual terms and conditions. This will mean that in reality the Kubota tractor will have to be serviced by a Kubota dealer.

This can be a practical problem especially if the dealership is some way from where you live. Although your Kubota tractor can probably be driven on the road, unless it is a K lawn tractor, this could take quite a while given the speed range of a Kubota tractor.

It may be possible to transport your  Kubota tractor  on a low loader lorry of some sort. In any event or Kubota dealer will have, or should have quite a wide range of experience of dealing with issues like this, and be able to advise you on this and a lot of other practical concerns that may affect how you use your Kubota tractor, or what type of Kubota tractor you buy from them.

Locating a Kubota dealer should be fairly straightforward. If you have Internet access you can go onto the Kubota website for your country and they will have a search box where you enter your home town or area and they will give you the nearest Kubota dealer relative to where you live.

If you do not have Internet access, go where you can get it, and want to have it you can look up on the Kubota website where your nearest Kubota dealership is. Failing that you have to look in your phone book, under Kubota, where you will find details of the nearest Kubota dealership


Kubota Tractor– Lawn tractors

Kubota have a range of lawn tractors and garden tractors available, depending on the size of your garden or lawn. This can seem slightly confusing at times, but this post give s an overview of the range of lawn tractors and garden tractors available.

The term lawn tarctor and garden tarctor also really refer to ground maintenanace and smallholdings.

Kubota Tractor– BX Tractor series

Kubota have four tractors in the BX Series, the BX1860, The BX2360, the BX2660 and the BX25. Kubota would probably describe this range as a cross between amore agricultural tractor and agarden mower. All the BX tractors are fuled by the Kubota diesel engine, with engine sizes ranging from 18 through to 25.5hp.

All these tractors have hydrostatic power steering, very important when needing to use for any real length of time, and help reduce the stress and tiredness on any operator using them. Kubota make a selling point of having really comfortable cabin area, with the need sof eth operator thought through.

The BX series of tractors have high back recling seats, well padded, and a radiator that is positioned in the middle of the tractor, rather than at the front which is more normal in most tractors. This means that the airflow is moved towards the front of the tractor, helping to prevent overheating in the engine, and helping to kep the operator area cooler.

The BX series alo have really bright headlights, really important as a lot of outdoor work is doen ealry morning or late eveningwhen the light isn’t good.

Kubota Tractor – B tractor series.

The other range of lawn tarctors that Kubota make are the B series tractors.There are a number of models in tehis range : B2630/B3030/B3000 cab/B2320/B2620?B2920/B3200 and B3300SU

They have pretty much the same engine range as the BX series, 18/32hp, with the top end tractors more powerful. These tarctors are designed to be used for large scale ground maintenance and landscaping work on smallholdings,

These tarctors are also aime dat people who own vegaetable gardens and all types of nursery work. These Kubota tractors have some similar features to the BX series, but also the following : Hydraulic independent PTO, a powerful HST, mechanical cruise controland again really poewerful multi reflective headlights.

Similar to The BX series , these kubota tarctors have hydrostatic power steering, a three point hitch position control, and atiltable steering wheel.

Kubota Tractor– Garden Tractors.

Kubota make a wide range of garden tractors, which they refer to as garden mowers. All are aimed at a similar type of workload, but differ in power and engine size and certain other features. Residential mowing is the primary expectation of use, although commercial mowing is also catered for, as is grass catching and snow blowing.

Kubota Tractor – T series garden Tractors.

This is the entry level garden tractor or mower and has three models, The T1880, the T2080 and the T2380, ranging in engine size from 18 to 23 hp. All T series garden tractors have hydrostatic transmission as standard.

This means that a single pedal control both the speed and turning direction of the tractor. This makes operating it and using it much simpler and gives much better handling capability, especially in confined areas or where precision work is needed. There is an easy to use lever that raises and lowers the mower deck and a simple dial that adjusts the mowers deck cutting height.

Both these features are easily accessible by the operator in their control area. Cruise control comes as standard on the T2080 and T2380 which may sound a little dramatic, but actually is really useful when mowing large stretches of land at a consistent speed.

Kubota Tractor- GR series garden tractors.

The kubota gr 2020 and gr 2120 are more powerful residential mowers with what kubota describe as the ‘revolutionary glide steer’ technology. Engine size ranges from 20/21 hp, are fueled by kubota’s own diesel engine.

Both models have the HST transmission as standard which, like the kubota T series tractors makes steering and turning much easier and much safer. Both models have hydrostatic power steering as standard, hugely important for any long periods of work, or where working in tight ares or where you need very delicate movability.

There is a mulching kit which can be fitted as optional, which automatically feeds your grass clippings back into your lawn, making a healthier lawn, and making much less of a mess as well !

Kubota  Tractor – F series garden tractors

The F series of tractor contain three models, the F 2680E, the F 3080 and the F 3680. These are a more powerful range of garden tractor, aimed also at commercial mowing work, as well as residential.

They range in engine sizes from 25.5 to 36 hp and have four wheel drives. There are a range of implements available to use with these garden tractors, which make them incredibly versatile machines .

These implements include a grass catcher, a rotary sleeper, a front blade, a snow blower, a debris blower and a quick hitch.

Kubota  – Z series garden tractors.

The Z series garden tractors or mowers are kubota’s zero turn mowers , and area wide range of powerful machines available. There are two series of Z series mowers, the Z300 series and Z200 series.

The Z300 has about nine models available, and the Z200 series has a further three models available, which Kubota describe as compact models. They have slightly smaller engine sizes than the Z300 models, but are still hugely powerful zero turn mowers.